STEFAN BELHOMME, Managing Director

Stefan Belhomme Managing Director

Stefan has been in the Financial Services business since 2006. After earning his B.S. in International Business from Rollins College, he began his career at Universal American Financial Corporation as a Retirement Benefit Consultant.

The catastrophic economic events of 2008 forced him to take a second look at his work. In addition to suffering financial losses, most of his clients were impacted by one major expense that no one in the industry seemed to be addressing…TAXES. This was especially true for those that owned businesses or were self-employed.

He began to study advanced tax strategies and became heavily involved in the world of tax planning. But being the son of a CPA, he was exposed to the tax world from a young age, and it was never his intent to be in the “boring” world of accounting, or so he thought.

Eventually becoming a business owner himself, he soon realized the difficulty in trying to hold on to what he worked so hard to earn. Taxes can significantly erode a business owners' wealth and impede their ability to save for future expenses like retirement. So, over the past 14 years, his focus has been to help business owners understand the “rules of the game” so they can “play” it more efficiently.

Stefan is an RTP™ (Registered Tax Planner) and he advises business owners and executives with advanced tax planning and income protection solutions. He is also a CCFS© (Certified College Funding Specialist) and the creator of a proprietary service called Proactive College Funding℠. 

Stefan has been active in several professional and civic associations including:  

 Past Vice President, Moore county Business Networking International  Past Chairman, Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce  Past Board Member, National College Advocacy Group

He and his family reside in Pinehurst, N.C. He is the founder of Prudent Wealth Strategies, LLC , a Financial Advisory Firm and College Plan Today, LLC, an Education Funding Firm. .  

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